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Our web development team is available to create a personalized solution for your web site.


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What services do we offer?

Web design

We can create the perfect web site for the online presence of your company, product or service.


Ready for Online Sales? Focus on your online store with our unique web solutions.

Software architecture

Need a customized software solution for your business? We can respond to your unique requirements.


We can create a story about your company, product or service with a complete graphic solution.

Web applications

Our web solutions take advantage of the latest technologies for web based hybrid application development.

Maintenance of a web site

Need professional help with your web site? Our web development team is here.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at our portfolio of up-to-date web solutions.

BDAT Services

Orce Nineski

Designer, Artist, Painter


Darel Design

Kosher Club

What technologies do we use?

With experience in eCommerce, web applications and web site, we can create the perfect digital product for you. Your web page or web application will be fully optimized and your customers will be able to access it through a computer, tablet or mobile phone.


For structuring and presenting content. Required for an optimized and fast web site.


The flawless visual appearance of a web site is of particular importance to visitors and users.


Need more client interaction on your web site with animations and effects? jQuery is the right solution.


With this database, all necessary data from your web project will be saved and stored in a database.


PHP, together with HTML, is the perfect combination for building a fully functional server-side web site.


Over 100 million websites worldwide make this internet platform the most widely used worldwide.